Kristen Gorguinpour

Program Director

Climate Action Reserve

As Program Director, Kristen manages the implementation, reporting and verification of emissions reduction projects in the Reserve program. She manages the rigorous accreditation process for verification bodies and develops training courses, testing material and ongoing monitoring opportunities. Kristen and the Programs team provide technical assistance to project developers and verification bodies, develop updates to the Program and Verification Program Manuals, and provide support for utilization of the Reserve software. Kristen also serves a resource on a wide range of climate change issues, including project and industry-specific protocols.

Most recently, Kristen served as the Reserve’s Program Manager, where she was the lead in supporting the Forest Project Protocol. During her three years with the Reserve and the California Climate Action Registry, Kristen also served as Reserve Administrator, Program Associate and Program Assistant. Kristen’s background is in environmental consulting, performing CEQA-based environmental impact assessments for projects throughout California, including major mixed-use developments and large-scale residential developments. She has an in-depth understanding of project-level air quality impact analysis. Kristen completed her Bachelor’s degree in health science with a concentration in community health and economics at Cal State Dominguez Hills.


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