Bob Wyman


Latham & Watkins

Mr. Wyman represents industry clients before all levels of government, including permitting, variances and agency rulemaking. Mr. Wyman recently represented business interveners in defending the California AB32 offset program against citizen group challenge (Citizens Climate Lobby). On behalf of GE, Mr. Wyman also successfully defended a US$1 billion power plant against a citizen suit challenge in the US District Court and Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (Romoland et al v. SCAQMD, in which the Ninth Circuit first addressed proper venue for challenging a “merged” Clean Air Act Title V permit). Some of Mr. Wyman’s current representations include:

  • National Climate Coalition on EPA regulation of greenhousegases under the federal Clean Air Act
  • California Climate Coalition on California’s Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (AB 32)
  • Regulatory Flexibility Group on Clean Air Act ozone and particulate matter nonattainment matters, including emissions trading and permitting

Various traditional and renewable energy clients and manufacturers in strategic planning, permitting and project defense Mr. Wyman has represented clients before Congress, the White House, the EPA, DOE and DOT regarding federal legislation, including the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments as well as on various air quality-related provisions of transportation and energy legislation. Mr. Wyman was the longest-serving (18-year) member of the US EPA Clean Air Act Advisory Committee, serving as Chair on several of its Subcommittees and Work Groups. He served on several of the Committee’s climate change and greenhouse gas reduction related task forces. Mr. Wyman has designed several market-based and innovative programs under the Clean Air Act, including the South Coast Regional Clean Air Incentives Market (RECLAIM), EPA’s clean air communities program, vehicle pricing and investment strategies (COALESCE), forward-crediting cleantech strategies (California Climate Coalition) and the clean air investment fund (contained in President Clinton’s Directive to EPA regarding ozone and fine particulate standards).

Mr. Wyman is a member of the American College of Environmental Lawyers and during 2013 served as Secretary of the College.


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